Superstition Mountain is divided into 17 distinct villages, each with its own personality. These neighborhoods represent a diversity in home styles, lot sizes and scenic views. Some neighborhoods, however, have special designation and additional expenses associated with living in them. 

Owners Guide

The Owners Association endeavors to keep all residents informed and up to date. Please click below for the most current version of the Owners Guide. It will provide a high level overview of the owner experience, and can act as a handy reference guide.

Benefitted Villages

Residents in the community’s five Benefitted Villages pay additional assessments to maintain the landscaping on their lots, and the periodic exterior surface maintenance of the homes in their Village. These assessments fund operating and reserve budgets that pay for landscape maintenance, exterior surface painting on a twelve year cycle, painting of all metal and wood elements on a four year cycle, and periodic front and garage door surface maintenance, among other expenses. These funds are managed by the Superstition Mountain Owners Association Board of Directors. 

Below are handy guides and quick reference materials for living in a Benefitted Village:

Custom Home Villages

Residents and owners in Custom Home Villages fall in to two categories - those in existing homes, and those with an empty lot and plans to build. For general information about your neighborhood, click to the left. If you want to get started on a new home build, or home improvement project, contact the office or review the Design Review Process.