Design Review

Welcome to the Design Review Process
All changes to your property which affect the outward appearance of the dwelling or property, including initial or major landscaping changes, require prior approval of the Design Review Committee before the changes are made. Maintenance items, including repainting or restaining in original colors of the existing structures or minor landscaping does not require prior approval. Minor exterior changes and a color change can typically be done by the Association staff as an Administrative Approval.  Please contact our office to discuss your plans.


Design Review Committee Members

  • Bill Tibbitt, Board Member, Committee Chair 
  • Susan Hladky, Declarant 
  • Dave Blakley, Committee Member
  • Gary Jackson, Committee Member
  • Terri Willemsen, Committee Member
  • David Marr, Consulting Architect  
Design Review Committee Members are appointed to a three-year term by the Declarant. They volunteer their time to ensure compliance with the Design Guidelines, and the continued development of the community. 

In 2018 the Design Review Committee established a Landscape Subcommittee to assist with, and enhance, the landscape of new home construction.
CLICK HERE to view the charter.

Landscape Subcommittee Members

  • Scott Johnson, Committee Chair
  • Kayla Clark, Committee Member
  • Alvina Janda, Committee Member
  • Anne Ellis, Landscape Consultant