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Hiking Flatiron at the Superstition Mountains - Insider Info
Looking to hike Flatiron at the Superstition Mountains? We've gathered some helpful information and advice for those thinking about making the journey to the peak. 
Small Town Destinations Worthy of Your Arizona Bucket List
From Prescott and Sedona to Lake Havasu and Jerome, Arizona is home to a wealth of great cities and towns that are perfect additions for your Arizona road trip bucket list. While you can’t go wrong with Tucson or Flagstaff, we’ve rounded up a few of the slightly lesser-known spots that might just become a favorite weekend getaway for the members of our Phoenix-area private golf course community. 
4 Reasons Why Arizona Is the Ultimate Winter Destination
With travel weather, diverse landscapes and great communities, Arizona continually ranks among the top winter hotspots. If you’re looking for more of a reason to retreat to the sunshine state, check out why we think Arizona is the ultimate winter destination.  
The Perks of Living Near Saguaro Lake
Discover the benefits of living near Saguaro Lake, one of Arizona's hidden treasures. 
3 Things to Know about Moab, Utah
As summer approaches, now is the perfect time to plan a weekend getaway to beat the heat. One of our members’ favorite spots for a road trip is Moab, Utah. Visitors can check out some of the most popular trails in the country, see national parks and explore the stunning scenery. If you want to visit Moab yourself, here are a few things you’ll want to know. 
5 Best Summer Vacation Spots to Visit
Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning your vacations. We’re lucky to have beautiful Arizona weather year-round here at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club. Here are a few vacation destinations to check out. 
4 Best Weekend Getaways in Arizona
With the popular rise in “staycations,” members of our private golf course community can experience fun-filled adventures without having to leave the state. With its rich history, Arizona is home to a wide variety of exciting experiences from visiting unique geological formations to touring rumored ghost towns. 
6 Best Camping Spots in Arizona
Sometimes you just need to escape the Valley for a change of scenery. Thankfully, Arizona offers great camping throughout the year. Here are a few options within a few hours of our private golf course community. 
The Legend of the Lost Dutchman State Park Arizona
The legend of the Lost Dutchman gold mine has fascinated Arizona residents and tourists since the mid-1800s. As the story goes, the Peralta family of Northern Mexico discovered and excavated a gold mine in the 1840s, but on their way home to Mexico, the family was ambushed. 
8 Hiking Tips & Backpack Essentials in Phoenix
The Superstition Mountains are a beautiful backdrop to our private golf courses in Arizona and voted one of the most beautiful hikes in the world by Architectural Digest. With access to hundreds of miles of trails around and throughout the unique mountain range, many Arizonans enjoy the local desert scenery. Before heading out on your next hike through the Superstitions, review these essentials for a day on the trials. 
The Best Arizona Day Trips in the Snow
If you’re itching to bundle up and enjoy the snow for a day, check out these great day trip getaways to play in the powder. 
4 Home Safety Tips While on Vacation
Home safety is important while you're away on vacation. If you’re traveling for an extended time make sure to protect your home by doing these 4 simple tasks before you go. 
3 Popular Superstition Mountain Hiking Trails
The backdrop of our golf course communities in Arizona was recently recognized as one of the 11 most beautiful hikes in the world by Architectural Digest. The magnificent mountain range offers our members and those in the Phoenix-area incredible hiking and unparalleled views of the local desert surroundings. Learn more about this Arizona landmark and top hikes that helped it make the list. 
3 Places to See Fall Colors in Arizona
Check out these hikes and destinations throughout Arizona that provide optimal fall foliage viewing, all easily completed in a day. 
4 Top Honeymoon Destinations
After tying the knot at Superstition newlyweds venture to exotic worlds and exciting destinations to christen their marriage. From sandy beaches to bustling cities, these locations are great way for couples and our members to experience new cultures. Follow along for some of the best and unique trips for your next vacation. 
3 Arizona Activities Just Beyond Superstition Mountain
Next time you’re looking for an extra dose of adventure, look just beyond Superstition Mountain in Arizona for unique experiences in the area. 
Phoenix Arts and Culture - Best Places to Visit
Arizona is home to a variety of cultural adventures, from musical to Western history, you’re sure to find the right culture fix for one and all. Whether you’re entertaining visitors from out of town or just looking for some fun for the family, check out these great Phoenix-Metro museums and cultural centers.  
4 Things To Do In Flagstaff, AZ
Head up north to surround yourself with cooler weather, pine forests and small-town vibes in Flagstaff, Arizona. Within two hours of leaving our private gated community, you can take in local fair and many scenic sites, all within a day. 
4 Arizona Day Trips to Native American Ruins
Enjoy a blast from the past by visiting the numerous ancient Native American ruins and cliff dwellings across the state of Arizona. Take in the rich history and unique experience of these past civilizations through a fun day or weekend trip. 
10 Road Trip Essentials you Need to Pack
Is the open road beckoning you? Before you depart on your highway getaway, be sure to pack these 10 road trip essentials. 
Keep Cool at these 4 Arizona Watering Holes
As we welcome summer members of Superstition Mountain beat the heat in a variety of ways. If you’re looking for ways to cool off this summer, try out these local Arizona watering holes. 
4 Fitness Tips for the Active Traveler
Our golf course community in Arizona offers spectacular golf and a prestigious private club with dozens of fitness classes and programs. Together, these amenities form a rich resort experience for our members the moment they step through the gates of Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club. Members who wish to take their active lifestyle with them while traveling for work or pleasure can do so with these helpful tips and tricks. 
3 Top Things to do in Tahiti
Your ticket to paradise is closer than you think. Tahiti is still a mystery to many, but is full of adventure. Learn the top 3 things to do when you travel Tahiti. 
3 Luxury Vacations to Take in a Lifetime
Has your desire to travel been burning more than ever? With the desert temperatures beginning to creep into our private golf course community, you can satisfy your wanderlust with these top luxury vacation destinations to take in a lifetime. 
Day Trip - Route 66
Check out our top four attractions you must see on your next day tip across Route 66. 
Day Trip to Tonto Natural Bridge State Park
Award winning hiking and beautiful scenery is only a two-hour drive north from the gates of Superstition Mountain. Tonto Natural Bridge State Park is a must see. 
Day Trip to Sedona
If you need to get out of the heat, a day trip to Sedona is the perfect adventure. Discover all the things to do on your next trip there.