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Tuesday Tip: DONíT Keep Your Head Down
So many golfers prioritize keeping their head down in their golf swing. And even though they are trying to avoid standing up during the swing, they donít succeed. Here are some common errors golfers make that result in standing up during the swing, and what you can do to fix them. 
Golf and a Cheese Sandwich
One of the most beloved traditions of the Masters is the famed pimento cheese sandwich. Let's take a look it's history and our take on this legendary sandwich. 
4 Golf Tips to Make Your Practice Perfect
Golf tips to make your practice count 1. Practice with a Purpose 2. Make a Practice Station on the Range 3. Make Practice Like the Game 4. Focus on Different Aspects of Your Game 
Get to Know LPGA Pro Olivia Mehaffey
Meet European Tour Pro Olivia Mehaffey. We caught up with Arizona State grad to pick her brain about golf and why she loves life at Superstition Mountain. 
How to Handle Uneven Lies
Learn how to manage Uneven Lies on the golf course. Uphill Lie. Downhill Lie, Ball Above Your Feet. Ball Below Your Feet. 
The Power of Fitness Training for Golfers
Holistic fitness training programs help improve performance on the golf course and promote long-term health and longevity. Here are a few fitness training tips to enhance your game. 
Top Questions to Ask When Selecting a Private Golf Club
Joining a private golf club is a big investment and picking the right one is a major decision. To help with the process we put together a list of questions to ask the membership director when shopping for your membership. 
Fix Your Golf Slice - For Real This Time
Finally fix your golf slice. Yes, for real this time. If you struggle with a slice and nothing seems to help, here are a few ideas to consider the next time you hit the links. 
Fall and Winter Golf In Arizona
Moderate winter temperatures at our Phoenix golf club mean you can enjoy two Nicklaus-Design golf courses year-round. Fall and Winter is the perfect time to enjoy a round of Golf in Arizona. 
Beginner Golf Tips For Adults
Golf is a very complex game and can be intimidating for new golfers, but we gathered some beginner golf tips for adults to help you get started. 
5 Best Golf Swing Tips that will Improve your Shot Accuracy
A skill that appears effortless takes quite some time to hone and master. If youíre looking to add a consistent straight golf shot into your arsenal and reduce the number of shanked balls, look no further. 
5 Golf Tips and Drills
Try these golf tips and drills from our expert team of golf instructors to help improve your game. 
Driving Drills to Help You Dominate Your Golf Game
Your initial drive will make or break how you play the rest of the hole and could be the difference between a birdie or a bogey. Check out these driving tips and drills to help you hit the ball farther. 
Sharing the Game of Golf with Your Kids
What better way to enjoy the upcoming beautiful golf weather than gifting the game of golf to your children. Donít worry, Matt Brooks, the Director of Golf at our prestigious Arizona private golf course has come up with some quick tips to help engage your kids in this wonderful and timeless sport.  
How to Celebrate Women's Golf Month
June is Women's Golf Month. At Superstition Mountain, weíre proud to be a home to many outstanding women golfers of all levels. Whether youíre a seasoned pro or just learning the game, Superstition Mountain encourages women of all ages and skill levels to get involved in the sport of golf. 
LPGA Drive On Tournament Recap
Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club was honored to host the LPGA Drive On Championship. Our pristine, Nicklaus designed golf courses have won rave reviews from not only our members, but many LPGA professionals who play here. Find out what they are saying about the tournament and the Mountain. 
Junior Golf Programs In Full Swing
Golf has been gaining popularity with new audiences, including Junior Golfers ages 18 and below. In support of the next generation of golfer, Superstition Mountain offers a robust Junior Golf program that includes Saturday morning classes, a PGA Junior League Prep class and, coming the summer of 2023, a PGA Junior League. 
Golf Grip Tips that Will Make a Difference in Your Game
There's a belief that your golf grip is the most important aspect of your game. Finding a grip that fits your game can take practice. We break it down and give you our best advice and what matters in your grip. 
Drive On for Women In Golf
LPGA Drive On Tournament was created to celebrate and encourage women in golf. For nearly 70 years, the LPGA has been driving on to create greater opportunity for women. 
How Ball Position and Stance Can Help Your Golf Game
Focusing on ball position and stance can help your golf game.. 
Tips to a successful day at the Waste Management Open
The Waste Management Phoenix Open is back and ready to tee up. Whether youíre a tournament veteran or its your first time attending the party, weíve got a few helpful tips to ensure you have a successful day out on the green. 
Improve Your Golf Game in 2023
To improve your golf game set measurable goals, make more short putts and get out to practice. Make 2023 your best golf year yet with these golf tips. 
Avoiding Double and Triple Bogeys
Regardless of how skilled a golfer is, one of the best ways to ruin a good round is to throw in a double or triple bogey. When it comes to avoiding big numbers, think of three areas - course management, wasted shots and putting. 
Three Things To Know About Buying Golf Clubs
Having the proper equipment is an important part of your game, so we put together the top three things to know about buying golf clubs. 
Golf Tips for Avoiding Shanks
Shanks are simply a bad shot that can happen because of a physical issue, mental issue or just because we all hit bad shots sometimes. Here are five common things we see when people are having issues with this shot and what you can do to correct them 
Nicklaus Design Courses at Superstition Mountain
At Superstition Mountain we are proud to offer members 36 holes of spectacular Nicklaus Design golf. Learn about our two, award-winning courses that were designed by Jack and his sons - Prospector Golf Course with Gary Nicklaus and Lost Gold Golf Course with Jack (Jackie) Nicklaus II. 
Deaflympics Journey with Beckie Perkins
Beckie Perkins has been an athlete all her life and most recently competed in the 2022 Deaflympics in Brazil. Read about her experience and what the games meant to her. 
What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Golfing
Golf is the greatest game ever played, and itís also one of the most difficult. If you are just getting into the game, the pros at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club can help you get into the swing of things with tips they have learned along the way. 
Get to Know Women's Golfer Brianna Do
UCLA Alumn and professional golfer on the LPGA Tour, Brianna Do took time to answer a few questions about herself and her thoughts on all things golf at Superstition Mountain. 
Meet PGA Golfer Chan Kim
Chan Kim is a PGA TOUR professional golfer and one of the nicest guys youíll ever meet. Recently, we sat down with Chan to talk golf and what he loves most about being a member at the mountain. 
Monthly Round of Golf Tips: Bunkers
Our premier private golf course community boasts two Nicklaus designed golf courses with beautiful greens and challenging traps for every level of golfer. However, these bunkers are often the bane of a golferís game. With the tips and strategies below, you can turn your biggest issue into one of the best parts of your game. 
Talking Golf With LPGA Pros
We are thrilled to have several LPGA professional golfers among the membership at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club. In honor of Womenís Golf Month, we checked in with a few of them to talk golf, how the industry has been changing and what itís like to be a professional athlete. 
Top Five Fatherís Day Gifts
According to, the first Fatherís Day was celebrated in 1910, but it wasnít until 1972 that the day became a national holiday in the United States. Thatís 58 years after Motherís Day was declared a federal holiday. This year, show the men in your life some extra love and follow our guide to the Top Five Fatherís Day Gifts your dad actually wants. 
Tip For Setting Up A Practice Station
Letís be honest, golf is difficult. It takes practice, practice and more practice to improve your game. But, practice also makes permanent so you want to be sure you are putting in the (right) work every time you hit the range. 
The Masters is Coming
The Masters Tournament is the first of four major championships in professional golf. In preparation for one of the greatest events in golf, we rounded up some fun facts and a few ideas to help elevate your watching experience. 
4 Reasons Why Arizona Golf Courses are Ideal for Golfers
Arizona is a popular destination for golf lovers across the country. Whether itís our outstanding golf events, gorgeous weather or pristine courses, Arizona attracts golfers year-round. Here are a few reasons why Arizona is the best state for year-round golf. 
Club Fittings and Demo Days at Superstition Mountain
One of the many perks private golf club members enjoy is the Club Demo Day. At Superstition Mou... 
Arizona's Prime Golf Seasons: Fall and Winter
During the late fall and winter months, much of the country Ė and our Canadian cousins up north Ė experience freezing weather, rainy conditions and snow. In Arizona, we call this PRIME golf season. The moderate temperatures at our private golf club mean you can enjoy Superstitionís two, Nicklaus-Design golf courses year-round. 
Make Golf Your Thing
There is a movement happening in the golf industry. Across the nation, people from all walks of life are being called to, ďMake Golf Your Thing.Ē 
Golf is changing and private clubs must follow
Two of the biggest topics buzzing around the golf industry these days are the resurgence of the game and how to make the sport, and private golf clubs, more inclusive. As we continue to enjoy a more diverse demographic among our membership, our team will continue to find new ways to keep them engaged and excited about their club, and this game that we all love. 
What you need to know about left handed golf
August 13 is International Left-Handers Day, a day to celebrate the approximately 10 percent of the population that has mastered lefty life in a right-handed world. That number shrinks to only five to seven percent when weíre talking left-handed golfers. 
4 Helpful Tips for Summer Golf
Here at our Arizona private golf club, members can enjoy golf all year but there are some things to keep in mind when putting in those summer rounds. 
5 Great Habits of Good Golfers
Most people know what it takes to be a good golfer, but how many are willing to take the steps necessary to create habits that lead to a better game? Whether you have the luxury of being a Member at a private Country Club or have the public courses outside your door, itís all about putting in the time and effort to take your game to the next level. 
Top Gifts this Holiday Season
The holidays are just around the corner and the frenzy of buying the perfect gift for each person on the list will soon begin. Corporate shipping companies are saying that deliveries will be backed up more so than usual with all of the online shopping this year, and that shoppers would be wise to start their holiday shopping as early as possible, so where does that leave your list? 
Making the Golf Experience Safe during COVID-19
2020 has been quite the year and as things continue to evolve and change on the daily, one thing has remained constant here in Arizona, and thatís the fabulous game of golf! Considered Ďessentialí since the beginning of the pandemic, golf courses throughout this desert state have been thriving this year. 
Meet LPGA Golfer Caroline Inglis
At Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club, we are privileged to have several professional golfers among our membership roster who take advantage of our award-winning Jack Nicklaus designed course throughout the year. We recently sat down with LPGA golfer and Superstition member, Caroline Inglis, to get to know her a little better. 
Watching Golf Pros Can Improve Your Golf Game
It may sound crazy or too good to be true, but you can definitely improve your game by watching the professionals play on TV or at your favorite course. Here are a few things you should be looking at: 
The Importance of repairing Ball Marks
Left alone, ball marks leave a depression in the green affecting the turf and the putting line for the next golfer. Ball marks make a huge difference to the players behind you. Ball marks messing up a putt might be as frustrating as pace of play so it makes sense for everyone to fix their marks 
Golf Gift Guide for Mom
Letís face it, golf isnít just a dad thing anymore. Pay homage to all the link-loving moms this Motherís Day with a golf-related gift to spice up her game. From fashionable accessories to game-improving devices, here is our ultimate Motherís Day golf gift guide. 
Enjoy National Golferís Day at Superstition Mountain
April 10 is National Golferís Day, celebrated each year by those who love to get out and hit the links. And thereís no better way to celebrate than by spending the day out on one of our two pristine, Nicklaus -designed golf courses. 
Spring Golf Event Roundup
Spring in Arizona attracts golf enthusiasts from across the nation with its pristine courses, impeccable weather and weekly events. Whether youíre looking for an organized tournament or a fun-filled charity event, here are a few upcoming outings ideal for showing off your skills. 
Golf Fashion Trends for Spring
Fashion isnít just for the runway, itís also for the golf course. Standout this spring with the latest and greatest styles guaranteed to spruce up your closet and your game. From bold prints and golf dresses to fashion forward shoes and braided belts, here are a few of our top picks. 
How Golf Can Improve Your Mental Health and Wellbeing
Forget apples, a round a day keeps the doctor away! Not only is golf one of Americaís favorite hobbies, but it also promotes many physical and mental health benefits. From reducing stress levels to promoting a sense of community, here are a few ways golf can improve your mental health and wellbeing. 
Award-Winning Golf at Superstition Mountain
Superstition Mountain is known as one of the leading golf communities in Arizona and for good reason. With two courses by renowned designer Jack Nicklaus, itís no wonder the club has been recognized by both Golfweek and Golfworld magazine as a premier golf destination. If you havenít had the opportunity to experience our courses for yourself, hereís everything you need to know. 
Best Cold Weather Golf Tips
Although Arizona is known for its year-round mild temperatures, itís important to be prepared for the occasional colder weather, especially while out on the golf course. This winter, conquer the course and boost your game with these helpful tips for cold weather golfing. 
The 2019 Ultimate Golf Gift Guide
Stumped on what to get the golf-lover in your life this holiday season? Abandon the typical polo or generic headcover and mix it up with one of these premier golf gift ideas. Trust us, they are sure to be a hole-in-one! 
5 Golf Fashion Trends for Fall
As we head into fall and cooler weather, golf fashion is heating up here at Superstition Mountain. At our private, golf course community, we believe golfers are more likely to play their best when they feel their best. Our club merchandiser, Betsy Miller, shares some of the hot fashion items golfers should be on the lookout for as we get ready for the fall and winter seasons. 
Top Tips For New Golfers
August is National Golf Month, which means itís the perfect time to brush up on your skills and get into the swing of things before golf season in Arizona begins to heat up. For those who are looking to get into the sport, thereís no better time than now to begin learning the basics. Here are a few tips for new golfers to keep in mind.  
SMGCC Presented with Distinguished Club Award
Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club has been presented the Distinguished Club award for the fourth year in a row, as determined by BoardRoom magazine. The Distinguished Clubs program is merit-based and uses a rating system that recognizes the club, its management and its staff based on a proprietary evaluation process that measures member experience.  
4 Ways to Improve Your Golf & Fitness Health in Arizona
Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Clubís new golf and fitness program combines golf instruction, fitness and physical therapy to help athletes achieve more with their golf swings. Three experts share their combined areas of expertise to help residents to improve not only their game but overall health and fitness levels. 
Upcoming Golf Tournaments in Arizona
As we enter spring, golf season is heating up here in Arizona and there are plenty of events happening across the Valley that are sure to keep you busy. Whether youíre looking to play or just want to watch the action, here are a few upcoming events to check out. 
Meet LPGA Tournament of Champions: Lindsey Weaver
Our membership roster includes several LPGA players, four of which are teeing up for this yearís Bank of Hope Founders Cup tournament. We sat down with LPGA champion, Lindsey Weaver, to talk shop and learn how she prepares for big tournaments. 
Meet LPGA Tournament of Champions: Dana Finkelstein
Our membership roster includes several LPGA players, four of which are teeing up for this yearís Bank of Hope Founders Cup tournament. We sat down with LPGA champion, Dana Finkelstein, to talk shop and learn how she prepares for big tournaments. 
Meet LPGA Tournament of Champions: Carlota Ciganda
Our membership roster includes several LPGA players, four of which are teeing up for this yearís Bank of Hope Founders Cup tournament. We sat down with LPGA champion, Carlota Ciganda, to talk shop and learn how she prepares for big tournaments. 
Best Golf Destination: Superstition Mountain in Arizona
Whether youíre looking for a full day of golf or a quick morning round, our all-inclusive club gives golfers everything they need to have the best experience possible. Here are a few of the many things that make Superstition Mountain a great place to enjoy a day out on the green. 
Tips to Have the Best Day at the Waste Management Open
Each year, thousands of spectators from around the country are drawn to a Scottsdale, Arizona golf course for what has been called the Greatest Show on Grass. Here are a few tips to ensure you have a great day at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. 
Upcoming Arizona Golf Tournaments in January 2019
Even in the heart of winter, golf season never slows down here in Arizona. Now is the perfect time to brush up on your golf skills. Whether youíre participating or spectating, be sure to check out these events. 
Junior Achievement of Arizona Open Golf Tournament
The Open 4 Business Golf Tournament has been the number one golf fundraiser in Arizona for the past five years, raising money to support programs for Arizona students. Hereís some information about Junior Achievement (JA) and why itís important for students across Arizona. 
Visit Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club in Arizona
Located in Gold Canyon, Arizona, Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club offers spectacular golf in a truly dramatic, old world setting. From prime amenities and outstanding dinner options to luxury homes, discover what makes this a great place to live and play. 
3 Reasons Why Club Fittings are Important
At Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club, weíre always looking for ways to help our members have a better game on the golf course. If youíre looking to take your skills to the next level, a club fitting could be a game changer. Here are a few key facts about club fittings and why getting fitted can be beneficial. 
Upcoming Arizona Golf Tournaments in November 2018
The calendar year may be coming to a close, but Arizonaís golf season is in full swing with several exciting tournaments and events around the Valley. Mark your calendar and get your clubs ready because the Arizona Golf Association (AGA) has plenty of events planned through November and December to keep you busy watching or playing. 
Overseeding Schedule in Arizona Golf Course at Superstition Mountain
Fall in Phoenix means a couple of things for members of our private golf club in Phoenix, Arizona. First, this time of year brings cooler temperatures in the morning, making your early round of golf that much better. And second, it usually means the course is due for a seasonal face lift. 
5 Golf Warm Up Exercises - Helpful Tips
Study shows that Dr. Ben Langdon, head Sports Scientist at PGA National Training Academy at Belfry conducted research on pre-round routines and the effects on drive distances. Two pre-round routines were stacked up against a control group to determine which produced the furthest distance off the tee. 
4 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game - Helpful Tips
Give your golf game a boost from your drive to your last put. Next time youíre on our two Nicklaus-designed golf courses, put this round of tips and drills to the test to improve your golf game. 
Reasons Why You Should get a Country Club Membership
Superstition Mountain's Associate Golf membership†is perfect for the hardworking young professional who would golf all day if they could. Designed for the executive or couple under the age of 40, this membership offers 36 holes of†Nicklaus designed championship golf, access to our practice facilities and range,†golf lessons for all levels and more. 
Private Golf Country Club Trends
Having worked in the golf industry for nearly 40 years, I can tell you firsthand that golf clubs are not what they used to be. And this isnít a bad thing. In fact, there was a time when golf was the driving factor in membership sales and men were the primary decision-makers for membership purchases. 
4 Golf Training Tips for New or Returning Golfers
Golf is a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors. For those interested in picking up a new hobby or returning to the sport after some time off, check out a few refresher tips. 
Best Golf Tips for the New Year
Before heading out for your next golf outing take a look at our best golf tips for the new year provided by our certified golf instructors. 
5 Golf Bag Essentials You Need in Arizona
As any golfer knows the gear you carry can make all the difference between a great day and one youíd rather forget. Before heading out make sure your bag is well stocked with these golf bag essentials 
3 Best Golf Gifts for the Holidays
Looking for the best golf gifts for the holidays? New apparel, club care products and golf technology are top on the avid golfers list. Check out our ideas and make shopping for the holidays easy and fun. 
3 Easy Golf Swing Tips
Give your golf game a boost from the long and short game. Try these 3 easy golf swing tips to improve your game. Gate Putting Drill. Dollar Bill Drill. Delay Drill. 
3 of the Best Golf Games to Play during your Round
Members of Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club enjoy spectacular play on our two Nicklaus-designed golf courses. Up-the-ante when hitting the links with your next foursome and give these different variations of the great game of golf a try. 
2 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game - Helpful Tips
Two main reasons for a lack of distance with the driver are a poor strike and an incorrect angle of attack. Try these driving tips and drills to improve your golf game 
4 Golf Exercises that will Improve your Game
Honing your golf game goes beyond the practice range. In order to maximize your play in our two Nicklaus-designed courses in our gated golf course community, members often increase their strength, stamina and flexibility in the gym of our resort-styled clubhouse. Add these exercises to your gym routine to improve your overall fitness and benefit your golf game.  
Employee Spotlight - Marian McGill, Assistant General Manager
The staff of our private golf course communities in Arizona is one of the reasons why Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club is successful. We want to showcase the incredible team members we have, get to know Assistant General Manager and industry veteran, Marian McGill, in her own words. 
Employee Spotlight: Mark Gurnow, General Manager
The success of our private golf course community is due in part to our incredible staff. we want to showcase the amazing talent we have on our team. Get to know General Manager and golf industry veteran Mark Gurnow. 
Meet LPGA Golfer Mina Harigae
Professional LPGA Golfer, Mina Harigae recently accepted an invitation to call Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club her home course. We recently sat down for a brief Q&A with Miss Harigae, to get to know the newest member of our community.  
4 Father's Day Gift Ideas he will Love
Weíve compiled a few items that are sure to please any dad. If your father is an avid golfer, select from one of these Father's Day gift ideas that he is sure to love. 
How to Beat the Heat on the Golf Course this Summer
It can get quite hot in Arizona during the summer months. Donít let the heat keep you from enjoying golf here at Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club. With these tips in mind, you can make the most of your time hitting the links, even during the summer months. 
3 Golf Tips that Will Elevate Your Game
Tips to elevate your golf game. 1. Keep Your Hands Soft on Chip Shots 2. Let Your Body Rotate on Chip Shots 3. Gate Crasher Putting Drill 
Monthly Round of Golf Tips - Irons
Our instructors offered up tips on how to hit your irons and to help improve your golf game. 
Go the Distance with Your Driver
Does your driving game go the distance? Try out these tips and drills to add yardage to your drive.  
Traveling with your Golf Gear
Whether friends or family are visiting, or youíre off on a golf getaway, itís important for gear to arrive in one piece. Check out these tips to keep your golf gear safe when you travel. 
5 Extremely Effective Putting Drills
Every golfer knows, you drive for show, but you putt for dough. Learn to sink more putts with to these tips from the team at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club and various pros from around the world. 
Golf Lingo For Beginners
In every industry and every sport you will find a certain amount of jargon. Take a look at some of our favorite, more unique, golf lingo every beginner should know. 
Keep it Clean - Tips to Clean Your Clubs
Keep your clubs in pristine condition. We have 6 helpful tip on how to keep your clubs looking good.